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Fed up See solution!
You want to join our team? Start career! Ready to have your head in the clouds? See solution! We support your switch to Salesforce! See solution! What does the foxglove digitisation? got to do with See solution! out of your Get the best
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Welcome to Howiger

Your trusted Salesforce Partner – the world’s leading sales and service data system. We are happy to support your first steps towards digitisation and also advice on improving existing systems. Your time is too valuable to waste it on tedious paperwork, and we’ve got a solution for you! Take a look around, feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

3 reasons to get on board

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Certified Salesforce partner with almost 20 years of experience in industries like automotive, pharma and more.

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Salesforce will improve all main aspects of your company: sales, marketing and service.

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No big company with a strict pattern – Howiger stands for individual and personal support for each client.

About us

Emanuel Germanus

„CRM-projects combine all aspects I enjoy the most: Creativity, structured work and personal contact with the client. With Howiger we were able to bring this to perfection – especially for the small firm sector.“

12 years of technical and functional experience with consulting, 9 of them with Salesforce. He has been project manager for multinational Salesforce and Veeva implementations at companies like Nestle Health Service, Jaguar/LandRover, MAN and many more.

Emanuel lives in Erfurt and enjoys bouldering.

Falk Wiegand

„I always find it exciting to get familiar with new and different business processes and then contribute to the company’s success with my knowledge of digitisation.“

28 years of experience in software development, 15 of them with Salesforce. Falk is specialised in integrating and linking heterogeneous systems and technologies. He has already worked with Merck, Grünenthal, Astra Zeneca, Coca Cola and many more.

Falk lives in Weimar and likes to go for long walks with his dog Wolf.

Reinhard Hoffmann

„As an IT service provider and HR specialist it is my passion to support, strengthen and improve this stable team of excellently trained consultants.“

22 years of experience as an IT HR specialist, 17 years in IT-Startup support. He is also a „Master Vendor“ and has worked with Zeiss, Zeiss Meditec, Jenoptronic, Post IT-Solution, AMD, OTTO and many more.

Reinhard lives in Jena and thanks to his excellent network he knows a story about almost anyone in a ten-mile radius. He is responsible for growth, employee training and infrastructure.

Why digitize?

Technology is developing at high speed and since Covid-19 everyone is talking about the necessity of digitisation. If you’re new to the whole subject, it’s tough to keep track of these developments. If you’re not sure, how it all fits together: Read here what digitisation is all about and what Salesforce has to do with it.

Digitising means converting analogue data into digital – for example when we finally save our favourite Beatles CD on our laptop. If we want, we can also send the songs by e-mail directly to our friends, who can then play them from their mp3 player while jogging.

This communication works through digital networking. Digitising means networking, but what excactly does that mean for your company?
Similarly to digitising the songs of the Beatles, we’re going to digitise all your customer data. Instead of logging into your e-mail account in the morning, you log into your companys Salesforce account.

Thanks to Salesforce, not only is the data saved digitally, but individual details are assigned a digital value. Factors such as products, quantity, prices gain higher value and can be automated in their processes. This makes it possible to increase the quantity, expand the range of products and reduce costs.

All individual points are stored in your Salesforce account, linked with each other and therefore can be processed more efficiently. Each employee can start working with data the minute it is uploaded. Especially in times of Covid-19 and home office this a helpful asset. The system also automatically evaluates designated areas, enabling you to keep an overview if set goals have been achieved and which factors were relevant. Future forecasts and error analyses become more meaningful.

The investment in a digital infrastructure like this is worthwhile in any case. Not only do you save paper and time, you also pave the way for a more efficient future for your company. From the first moment on, you will benefit from improved data quality, a better overview of business processes and increased turnover.

By the way … did you know the Latin word for foxglove is digitalis? That’s why the term digitizing described a treatment with foxglove. Supposedly it helps with cardiac insufficiency, learn something new every day!

Our Offer

Your best choice to get digital

As a certified Salesforce partner, Howiger is familiar with all the Salesforce applications. This includes the five clouds for sales, marketing, service, portals and analytics. 

In addition, we also offer the implementation of mulesoft – the mule for digital journeys between Salesforce and other software solutions. This way, you can enjoy the benefits of both systems and connect them smoothly.  

If you have individual questions about which cloud suits your company best, feel free to contact us. A lot of times it’s best to look at specific tasks to decide which functions are relevant for you. We want to pick you up at your level of knowledge and achieve our goal together: Optimize your work through digitization. 

Some general questions we answer in our FAQ section at the bottom.

SalesCloud ServiceCloud Markting Cloud Pardot MuleSoft Experience Cloud Analytics Cloud


Either way – we would love to hear from you and show you how Howiger could improve your everyday life.


Investment in knowledge pays the best interest. - Ben Franklin

Salesforce helps you to keep track of everything. It sharpens your view of the data, makes it easier to see the connections and offers the possibility to analyse the data, draw conclusions from it. At the same time, it facilitates work in sales, service and administration. No more excel with uncertain versions, no more duplicates and no more data loss. Salesforce automatically documents who did what and when. Through additional validation, the quality of the data increases considerably, thus increasing turnover (on average by 30%) and quality of the service.
Daily work is made much easier by Salesforce. Due to high data quality, fewer errors occur. Automation and validations provide support for recurring tasks. Salesforce also replaces e-mail in many cases, since communication around the customer takes place via system-internal tasks and an internal chat solution.

Everything at a glance, visible from anywhere in the world.

Salesforce is software in the cloud. Apart from a mobile app on your smartphone or tablet nothing is installed locally.
Salesforce publishes 3 releases every year, which are automatically installed with enough notice in advance. The time window in Europe is mostly on weekends at night. The user doesn’t have to do anything.

In our 16 years with Salesforce, we have never experienced a release that caused complications, incompatibilities or absenteeism.

Salesforce is currently the leading provider of CRM systems (customer databases) with 150,000 customers.
The essential advantages:

  • Scalable at any time, as no hardware needs to be purchased (grows with your company and your requirements)
  • Standard is implemented in a short time
  • Can be developed further at any time, even parallel to ongoing operations
  • Can be individualised in any way, whereby many changes can be made without classic programming (point and click), making it easy to administer
  • 3 free updates every year across all clouds
  • AppExchange with standardised extensions
  • Interfaces to third-party systems possible

Not really. Since Salesforce is easy to customize, it can be used for any industry or size of company. To meet all the different needs of customers, Salesforce offers a tiered licensing model. From start-ups to large corporations, Salesforce not only offers basic solutions for sales, service and marketing, but is also able to map project planning, accounting or human resources.

In addition, Salesforce meets the current requirements of the DSGVO and is a leader in data security (see the next point).

Salesforce is a US company based in San Francisco. However, the company operates data centres around the world to ensure the data does not have to leave the region. One of those servers is located in Frankfurt am Main, a second one for the EU countries is in Paris, France. You are able to check at any time on which server your data is located.
For further information have a look at Salesforce.

Salesforce has a very intuitive structure and designed user-friendly in the standard version. The interface follows modern requirements for page layout and graphics. Salesforce is used exclusively in the browser, no software installation is necessary.

Our team makes sure that processes depicted in the system follow the real process as close as possible to make it easy for users to understand. The working method is analysed in detail and e.g. click paths are adjusted accordingly.
In addition, we also offer individual training for employees.

Salesforce also offers a free communication platform for up to 5000 users in the company, which is comparable to a modern chat application.

Our projects are based on the cooperation between our project manager and an appropriate counterpart from your company. This person should be familiar with the subject and should have decision-making authority over the software in your company.

The cooperation and joint project planning is essential for a successful project. Depending on urgency, budget and needed effort, we determine together which implementations will be released in the next sprint. A sprint should not take longer than three weeks. Experience shows that a simple implementation project runs over 2 to 3 sprints. Afterwards you will be able to use your Salesforce solution productively.

The projects always insist on a series of sprints (see the previous point). One sprint usually doesn’t take longer than 2 to 3 weeks. Experience shows that a simple introductory project runs over 2 to 3 sprints. Afterwards, you will be able to use your Salesforce solution productively.

Depending on the workload of the project, sprints are added.


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